Everyday Links
Want to see which ordinary sites Blackwater Frequents? Check below to find out!

Dr. Tony Evans
-really good preacher!

Bruce Springsteen
-official site of the Boss- favorite singer!

Millennial Abyss
-my favorite tv show-Millennium!

King Kamali
-my workout mentor..the King!

Doro Pesch
-favorite female singer-Doro Pesch!

Tony Stewart
-I love speed....favorite Nascar driver Tony Stewart!

Denver Broncos
-the broncos are the heart of soul of my weekends!

Laci Peterson
-Dedicated to the later Laci Peterson and the investigation into her mysterious death.

-I loved this 80's show...one of my favorites and I am awaiting a season dvd release!

Scotty "Raven" Levy
-Home site of one of my current favorite wrestlers....R A V E N!!!

-The most hilarious wrestling parody site that there is...ran by R.D. Reynolds.

-Where I get my updated news on the Incredible Hulk. See the movie, it rules!

Roger Ebert
-Home of the great movie critic, Roger Ebert. Roger should lay off the fatty foods.

Doctor Who
-Update to date news info on the greatest running television show of all time, Doctor Who!